Venue Booking

Venue Booking Only

The first and most important step is finding a wedding venue of your choice. We have tie ups with the most unique and exquisite properties in India’s favorite wedding destinations. We will help you shortlist some of the finest wedding venues. Moreover we will also help you with negotiations, contracting and so on.

Understanding Requirements
This is the first step in deciding on a wedding venue. We consider factors like the vision of the couple, choice of location, time of the year, natural habitat, surrounding, type of property and so on. This gives us a fair idea on the kind of property that would best suit your requirements.

Venue Recommendation
Our team then works on the list of requirements and put down a list of Wedding venues that would fit your style, budget, location and other factors if any. Some examples would be a stand alone venue, beachfront, waterfront, palaces, forts, luxury properties and so on.

Shortlisting/ Selecting Venues
Our team of professional would then assist you with shortlisting/selecting the venue and help you with crucial information in easing out your selection process. We will provide you with expert advice/ recommendations based on our professional experience as to which property would be the best fit.

Once you have selected a property, we will then assist you with budgeting/ negotiations and help you get the best deal from the wedding venue.

Once the deal is finalized we will also assist you with making an agreement with everything that was discussed during the course of the venue selection and finalization. Some of the key points to focus on here would be Number of guaranteed pax, Price agreed upon, Menu preference, venue timings and other terms and conditions if any.

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