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Why Hire A Wedding Planner?

We are pretty sure this question crossed your mind from the moment you decided to get married. Let us tell you why it is a good choice to Hire One

Wedding Planning can be a daunting task. What initially seems like a fun and rosy affair could soon turn into your worst nightmare. No, we are not kidding. Sleepless nights, coordinating with multiple vendors, decor selection, venue visits all these put together can leave you distressed . You certainly don't want your Wedding preps to make you feel this way. Afterall it is the most important day of your life and the journey leading to it should be nothing but beautiful.

Hiring a Wedding Planner has multiple benefits. Let's throw light on the top 10 reasons you should hire one:


Just like every industry needs an expert, so does A Wedding. Indian Weddings are larger in scale and are usually spread over 2-3 days. On an average an Indian Wedding requires about 6-8 months of detailed planning. Wedding Planners have the desired skills and experience which they have gathered over the years to deal with such an enormous and special event of your life.


How many times do you want to do something at your Wedding which you are sure your Family will not accept or be ok with. Well your Wedding Planner will not only hear you out but also give you an honest opinion about your views. They will make every effort to incorporate your ideas without disturbing any religious sentiments

Destination Wedding

If you are Planning a Destination Wedding, a Wedding Planner can help cater venue bookings, menu planning (local cuisine), entertainment, logistics requirements and ensure smooth check ins and check outs. Moreover, their knowledge of the local market will save you a great deal of stress and you can be rest assured that everything will be place even before you get to the Venue

Help to Stick to Budget

Weddings can be tricky. What initially may seem like a budget that you have complete control over will slowly start to get out of control. That's because a Wedding involves too many vendors and you may have certainly not factored the minute details. A Wedding Planner has thorough knowledge of the elements involved that need to be factored while preparing your Wedding Budget. They will help you create a more realistic budget and also stick to it

Bring you Vision to Life

You have envisioned something truly unique for your Big Day and you have no idea where to start or how to get it done. Your Wedding Planner will be your guide who will bring your vision to life. They have all the industry contacts with the right people who can pull off the job with finesse

Help you Enjoy Your Day

Your Wedding Day is the most auspicious day of your life. Imagine you have to spend the day worrying and stressing about whether things are in order whether guests have been catered to, whether the set up is ready, whether the other vendors have arrived, and the list goes on and on. With a Wedding Planner by your side they will ensure everything is taken care of and you just do one thing “Make the most of your Day”

Keep You Sane

Like we said earlier Weddings can get stressful and you may lose your cool on not one but multiple occasions. Your Wedding planner will come to your rescue if you ever happen to have a burst of emotions. You are your Wedding Planners biggest responsibility and they will ensure they keep you sane by ensuring a smooth flow of events.

Your Family & Friends will thank you

Your family and friends will enjoy the day as much as you do as the Wedding Planner will take care of all the minute arrangements and last minute requests. They will thank you and remember your Wedding day for years to come

Handle Last Minute Jitters

A wedding planner is always ready for last minute contingency which may be as simple as the the caked not arriving on time as the vehicle is stuck in traffic. A Wedding planner knows how to handle these unforeseen circumstances at the eleventh hour.

Meeting Deadlines

Probably the most important job of the Wedding Planner is adhering to deadlines. Right from picking guests to the airport to ensuring smooth check ins to the functions starting on time to the food being served on time. Managing the showflow to avoid time restrictions and most importantly handling multiple vendors. All this without losing focus on “you”

In India, even today a lot of couples take help from their friends and family to organise their Wedding Celebrations. The trend is gradually changing though. In Urban cities where people are time bound, entrusting responsibilities to family and friends is not an option. Whether to hire a Wedding Planner or not is a choice that is completely up to you. Most Planners charge a flat fee for their services which is a cost that you will have to factor in your Wedding Budget, however the expertise and sanity that comes along is priceless

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