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Always wondered how does a Big fat Indian wedding look like? Let us take you inside one! We planned, designed managed and executed this Destination wedding in Udaipur. With just three months of planning and 2 recces of the property, we were ready to rock this 3-day destination wedding in Udaipur. 5 functions, 5 different venues and 5 different themes… Let’s begin with our journey on this gorgeous Royal wedding in Udaipur!

Check out our Destination Wedding in Udaipur

Moroccan Mehendi

We chose a rooftop venue with a stunning mountain view for this evening Mehendi function. Bonfires , heaters, Moroccan set up and live music it all just looked and felt dreamy and romantic. A perfect ambience to kick-start the royal wedding. Check our beautiful Moroccan set up that made this experience extraordinary!


Next day started with the vibrant and fun-filled Rajwadi Haldi. We chose bright and radiant neon colours along with Indian handicrafts to decorate the open amphitheatre style venue overlooking the mountains. The idea was to give our guests the true flavour of Rajasthan. Bullock cart photo booth, pinwheels, puppet show, live bangle making were few of the many activities that kept our guests entertained at all times. We also had popular Rajasthani ghumar dancers perform for our guests to showcase the beautiful and rich Rajasthani culture. It’s an internationally recognized dance form.

As our entire haldi set up was so colourful and traditional, we chose to keep our gorgeous couple’s entry too that matches our entire theme. Our couple entered a traditional Rickshaw and were welcomed with color bombs by their loved ones. To add to the fun we had our super talented host put up a fun-filled show for our guests. Here are some pictures of our colourful haldi.

Glitz and Glam- Sangeet Sandhya

In the evening we were entertaining our guests with the most awaited event of this Destination wedding in Udaipur. We called it Glitz and Glam night. We had a color theme of Red Black and Gold, designed and decorated the entire ballroom with lights, feathers, candles and pearls.  Huge feather table pieces, movie star pictures and candles and flowers installations gave it a royal and grandeur feel to the party. We were glad it all turned out exactly the way we had envisioned this sangeet sandhya. Our star couple of the evening entered in a royal chariot with fairies dancing around them. We had celebrity performer Rodney and his band perform for our guests. Rodney, a complete entertainer, made sure each and every guest at the party were up on their feet. Post the scintillating performance of Rodney we had the famous and glamourous Dj Paroma who made our guests dance on her tunes till wee hours. It was truly a night where all the stars came down to planet earth.

Hawaiian Pool Party

Having a pool party at a destination wedding is always a great idea.

We decided to go with a blue and white color theme for the pool party. Guests were welcomed with fancy glasses and masks. Other activities like kids play area, Rain dance area, foot massage. Three photo booth corners were arranged for guests who don’t want to take a dip in the pool. While the guests were enjoying the fun activities arranged for them, our host made sure they made most of the party. Dj Paroma made sure they all danced their hearts out to her tunes.

The D DAY- Royal Wedding

The Wedding had to be the best of all and we were the most excited about this. Right from Baraat procession to Varmaala ceremony and the wedding itself, it all represented the word Royal in its best form. Let us give you some details about how we planned and executed this extravagant Royal destination wedding in Udaipur.

We had arranged for a 21 member baraat band and 11 dhol walas along with dancers to entertain our guests along their way to the varmala ceremony. We had other 21 member troupe walking along the baraat with crystal chandeliers in their hands, giving it a regal look and feel. Our groom looked nothing less than a prince himself, riding his way to the varmala ceremony venue in a vintage car.

While our groom and bride exchanged garlands the guests experienced a magnificent 10 minutes cold fire show to celebrate the union of two hearts.

The wedding took place on a sprawling lush green lawn. We zeroed on a huge crystal mandap with many chandeliers fitted to give it a regal look. As it was a night wedding, the crystal and the chandelier combined to light up the entire venue with its glorious look. We complimented the mandap along with a grand pathway. We had huge fresh floral stands, candles and crystal installations throughout the pathway to the mandap. Our gorgeous couple made their individual entries in the most glorious and royal way. While our couple exchanged vows under the moon and the stars, the guests enjoyed the Rajasthani music being performed by the most popular live band of Rajasthan. It was an experience the guests will remember for a lifetime.

Have a look at the magic created at this destination wedding in Udaipur.


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