Design and Decor

Design and Decor is an Integral part of an Indian Wedding. Indian Weddings are generally spread over 3-4 functions. Hence special emphasis needs to be placed on design and decor to distinguish each event from the other. With the growing trend in the wedding Industry, every couple wants to do something different for their wedding. There is a huge acceptance of creative ideas and thoughts. A lot of couple like to get a little witty and add some fun elements into their wedding decor. Moreover the design and decor dictates the mood for every event, thereby creating a huge demand for theme events.

Alongside Wedding Planning, we also extend our services to customised Wedding Designing and Decor. In our initial meetings with the client we identify the couples requirement and their vision of their wedding. Once we have gathered that information we start putting down ideas and come up with suggestions, designs as to what would suit best as per the event and venue. We then create a mood board defining a theme for every event, which varies depending on the kind of wedding event. We are passionate wedding designers and love couples who want to give their wedding a unique feel and look. We design different themes for every event and strive hard to give every wedding a different feel. We always keep ourselves updated to the latest trends and ideas and share it with our couple to make the wedding unique and memorable. Once our team and the couple have zeroed on the themes and ideas, we prepare a presentation on the final themes and designs. Every event will have a theme designed which is then incorporated into all the other elements that follow such as seating, table pieces, floral, couple seating, pathway decor, ceiling decor, lights, sound etc.

Our Design team then works with the production team to execute all the themes and ideas. They also monitor the execution, on the day of the event to ensure every element is in line with the theme and as per our design and discussion.

We boast ourselves on customized and handcrafted decor, since we strongly believe that no two weddings are the same. Apart from the fact that it adds a personal touch to your events, it also dictates the mood of the couple and the event as a whole. We make sure every element that forms a part of the decor such as colour, floral, pathway, signages are all well placed and spaced out and the overall look and feel of the decor is magical.

From conceptualization, designing, execution to production, our team of Wedding planners will leave no stone unturned to craft your dream wedding into reality.

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