You must be visiting wedding venues and the venue must be assisting you on many things you need for your wedding apart from rooms and food. They must be offering you assistance on décor or sourcing out on any other vendors for the wedding. They will also provide you with a “Venue Coordinator” and tell you that the person would be in charge of your wedding and will be looking after your needs. Now you must be wondering if I have a venue coordinator why would I need a wedding planner.

So, let us break some myths here about venue coordinators and show you the difference between a wedding planner and a venue coordinator.

1. Attention to detail

Wedding Planner: A wedding on an average takes about 8 months to a year of planning. A wedding planner is with you right from the time you start preparing for your wedding. In fact, they are the ones that help you source out the perfect venue for your wedding as per your budget and other requirements. They are with you to assist you and support you on everything you need for your wedding focusing on the smallest to the biggest requirements.

Venue Coordinator: While a venue coordinator will be focusing only on your requirements pertaining to the venue and the services the venue offers.

They will not help you with other services like Invitation cards, wedding favors, Customization, wedding stationeries etc.

2. Follow up/Communication

Wedding Planner: They are the ones working closely with you on your wedding and are in touch with you on a constant basis throughout the planning process. They are your single point of contact even for every vendor they source out for you.

Venue coordinator: Communicating with the venue coordinator is usually difficult as they manage many weddings and other events day in day out.

Sometimes, the follow-up process can be frustrating when you are unable to get through them. This becomes a tedious task in cases of destination weddings. Also, even if they suggest any vendors for you, you will have to communicate with all the vendors on your own. They do not coordinate with any other vendors on your behalf.

3. Vendor Sourcing & coordination

Wedding Planner: Each wedding on an average has 15 to 20 vendors. The number only increases depending on the scale of your wedding. To make a wedding successful it’s important to have the right vendors in the right budget. A wedding planner assists you with sourcing out all the vendors that fall under a wedding. Be it a Performer, photographers, makeup artists, florists etc and not to mention keeps your budget in mind. They not only source out these vendors for you but also are in constant touch with them keeping them updated about any changes or requirements. The wedding planning team are present on the day to coordinate with all the vendors to ensure a smooth process.

Venue Coordinator: A venue coordinator, on the other hand, has a very limited role to play in sourcing out other vendors to you. The few vendors they might suggest, they will neither coordinate with them through out the planning process nor will they do it on the day.

4. Commitment

Wedding Planner: They are focused and committed only to your wedding. The entire team will be with you right from the time you check in to check out and will coordinate, manage and execute everything as per the plan.

Venue coordinator: While the venue coordinator may be responsible for more than one wedding at a time. And they will not be aware of many details about your wedding that you may have planned on your own.

5. End to End Planning

Wedding planner: A wedding planner will be with you right from the time you start planning your wedding until the day of your wedding. They will help you with planning every aspect of your wedding and will give their inputs to make it a unique and memorable experience for your guests.

Venue Coordinator: They will only take care of a few aspects of the wedding, mainly the venue requirements and food and beverages. They do not bring any value added inputs to your wedding. Their scope of involvement is limited to just on the day coordination or just a few meetings before the wedding.

6. Responsibility:

Wedding Planner: They are responsible for every little aspect of your wedding as they are planning your complete wedding right from the beginning with you. They will also take care of, if any on the day crisis arises and also will help you coordinate with vendors that you may have sourced out. Basically, they will take complete responsibility to make it a stress free wedding for you and your family.

Venue coordinators: Venue coordinators will take responsibility only for the venue services and food and beverages if they are providing it. They will not take responsibility for any other requirements or vendors.

7. Wedding In charge

Wedding planner: You will be coordinating with one or two coordinators from the wedding planners throughout the planning process of your wedding. And they will be the head in charge of your wedding knowing all minute details about it. You will be having the same head in charge on the day of your wedding too. This gives you assurance and trust that your wedding will be handled as planned.

Venue Coordinator: Don’t be surprised if you do not find the same head in charge, you have been coordinating, not present on your wedding day. They may be coordinating some other wedding. And a totally new face may be representing them.


Hope, this must have given you a good idea on what you can expect from a venue coordinator and a wedding planner.