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What is the cost of planning a Goa Destination Wedding? We are sure this is one question every couple tying the knot would love to know. Well, we don’t blame you. Who wouldn’t want to tie the knot at one of the most popular Wedding Destination in India? We are here to spill the beans!

Goa Destination Wedding|The Wedding Archers

Destination weddings have become a trend in India and Goa certainly tops the chart as one of the favourite Wedding Destination in India. Couples from all over the globe tie the knot at this beautiful destination. The numbers keep adding with each passing year.

The season for Weddings in Goa is October to March. Of which Nov, Dec, Jan & Feb are the peak season. To give you an approximate costing of Planning a destination wedding in Goa let’s take into consideration the following. Let’s take the major costs and then let’s look at the other costs involved.

Cost of planning a Destination Wedding In Goa

Number of Guests: 100

Number of rooms at a 5-star property on double occupancy: 50

Meal Plan: Bed & Breakfast 

Pre Wedding Functions: Haldi/Mehendi/Pool Party/Sangeet/Cocktail Party

Main Event: Wedding followed by Reception

Tentative Wedding Itinerary

Day 1  – Check-In  followed Lunch followed by Haldi/Mehendi followed by Sangeet/Cocktail Dinner

Day 2 – Breakfast followed by Pool Party/Brunch followed byWedding & Reception

Day 3 – Breakfast followed by Checkout

Wedding Venue:

Goa has a range of 5-star properties to choose from. Let’s consider a 5-star property by the beach. So, like we mentioned you would need 50 rooms to accommodate 100 guests on double occupancy. On average, the cost per room per night would be INR 10,000 – 15,000/-. So for 50 rooms for two nights = INR 10,00,000 – 15,00,000/- This would be the room cost inclusive of breakfast for 2 days. The cost of food per head would start at a price of INR 1800/- plus taxes. The food menu can be customized as per your requirements. Depending on how basic or lavish the menu is the cost will vary accordingly.  Most properties would have a minimum room booking requirement to give away a complimentary venue for your functions. If you do not meet the minimum room criteria you will have to pay an additional amount towards venue charges which can range from INR 50,000/- to INR 2,00,000/- depending on the Venue.   

Goa Destination Wedding|The Wedding Archers

Design & Decor:

Cost of Decor would largely depend on what you have envisioned. However to give you a fair idea this is what decor costs would look like. For pre-wedding functions like Mehendi, Haldi, pool party which are smaller in size we recommend a starting budget of INR 1,50,000 – 2,00,000. Depending on your choice and size of these functions the budget can go as high as 4,00,000 – 5,00,000. Sangeet or cocktail night, we recommend going a little big on the decor here with a starting range of INR 2,50,000 – 3,00,000. For the main day ie Wedding Day followed by reception a good starting budget would be a range of 5,00,000. The decor is the most variable cost factor in a Wedding. Depending on your requirements it can range from a few lakhs to double digits since there is no limit to the scope of Decor.

Goa Destination Wedding|The Wedding Archers


Wedding Photography / Videography:

You can hire a wedding photographer/videographer locally from Goa. The range could vary from INR 2,00,000 to 5,00,000 for 2 days. Our recommendation is to hire the same team for photography and videography. This would not only allow you to get a better price but also have a well-coordinated team who will cover your wedding and other functions spread over the two days.

Goa Destination Wedding|The Wedding Archers


Goa as a state is rich with talent and has some of the best musicians/performers/DJs in the country. We recommend a Goan live band for at least one of your functions. They create an electrifying atmosphere and your guests will keep asking for more. You can certainly feel the Goan Vibe in their performance. Live bands can range from INR 50,000 to INR 1,50,000 depending on their popularity. A good DJ will cost you INR 25,000 onwards, recommended for a pool party/sangeet/after party. Overall you will have to set aside INR 2,00,000 – 5,00,000 for entertainment.

Goa Destination Wedding|The Wedding Archers

Permissions and Licences:

Every 5-star property will require some permissions and licences that need to be procured before your event. Some of the licences needed are PPL, IPRS etc. These licences would cost around 40,000 to 1,00,000 depending on the prevailing rate and the list of licences required as per the entertainment selected.

Airport Pick Up/Drop:

Guests flying from other states/countries normally make their own travel arrangements to get to Goa. It’s a nice gesture to have your guests picked/drop from the airport. Most hotels are tied up with taxi unions and you will have to go ahead with them for your transportation requirements. The cost of an airport pick up/drop would be around 2000-2500 per trip.

Wedding Planner:

A Wedding Planner will help you bring your vision together. They will plan and design your Wedding exactly the way you want it to be. A lot of Wedding Planners offer End to End Wedding Planning wherein they give you professional guidance at every step of your Wedding Planning. This will ease out a lot of your stress and ensure your sanity. Of course, you will have to factor the cost of a Wedding Planner as well.

Other Costs

There are some other costs that you will need to take into consideration. Makeup artists, baraat band, fireworks, Mehendi artists etc. We recommend setting aside another 1-2 lakhs for all the additional expenses.

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Goa is the most Popular Destination in India. Almost everyone has been to Goa once in their lifetime. It has a vast coastline stretching along the Arabian sea and is definitely one of the most scenic places in India. Popularly known as a beach destination, Goa boasts of some of the best beaches in the country. In the recent years, Goa has emerged as the most popular destination for Weddings. Couples from all over India and the Globe tie the knot in Goa against the beautiful backdrop of the sun, sand and the sea.

 Planning a Wedding in Goa?

 Let us give you an overview.

 A Wedding in Goa is almost on every couple’s mind. Who wouldn’t want to tie the knot at this gorgeous place? A wedding in Goa is a never-ending party one which is sure to leave you and your guests wanting for more. Couples usually plan a 2-3 day wedding here which gives them ample time to relax and plan multiple functions. Usually a 2 day Indian Wedding function comprises of Haldi, Mehendi, Sangeet, Pool Party & Wedding followed by a reception.

Goa is divided in North Goa and South Goa. North of Goa is very popular among tourists. Millions of tourist frequent this part of Goa every year and the numbers keep increasing. Some of the most popular beaches are located in this part of Goa, Baga, Calangute and so on. A few Five-star properties are located in the North, like Taj, Le Meridien, Resort Rio and so on. Further north, there are beautiful luxury boutique resorts which are ideal for small intimate gatherings, making them an ideal beach wedding venue.

South of Goa is less crowded. It is much quieter with fewer tourists. Most of the 5-star properties are located here and are humongous. They also have a high inventory and are ideal for large social gatherings. Popular 5 star properties in the south include Leela, Lalit, Taj and so on. South Goa also has luxury boutique resorts ideal for intimate gatherings.

Goa is blessed with great weather for the most part of the year. The swaying palm trees, sunshine and the panoramic view of the Arabian sea create a mesmerizing experience. Beach Weddings are very popular in Goa and more and more couples are taking advantage of this natural setting. Well, imagine the sun, sand and the sea as a backdrop on the most important day of your life. It is all a fairy tale setting. Most wedding venues are right by the beach, making it really convenient to conduct a beach wedding.

Over time, Goa is well equipped with all the facilities to hold all sorts of Weddings for people from different religions. They even cater to authentic traditional cuisines like Gujarati, Marwari, Maharashtrian, Jain etc and international cuisine like Continental, Italian, French and so on. No matter what cuisine you go far, we strongly recommend incorporating the Goa cuisine which is delicious, flavourful and is sure to tickle your taste buds.

Goa hosts 500+ weddings each year and the numbers are increasing. Goa hosts all types of weddings from small intimate to large extravagant gatherings. Whether you are on a small budget or a high budget, Goa has something for everyone. Beach Wedding venues are the most popular, other options include waterfront properties, boutique resorts, open-air lawns, banquet halls etc. Depending on the guest list and your budget, you can choose which option would suit the best.

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You must be visiting wedding venues and the venue must be assisting you on many things you need for your wedding apart from rooms and food. They must be offering you assistance on décor or sourcing out on any other vendors for the wedding. They will also provide you with a “Venue Coordinator” and tell you that the person would be in charge of your wedding and will be looking after your needs. Now you must be wondering if I have a venue coordinator why would I need a wedding planner.

So, let us break some myths here about venue coordinators and show you the difference between a wedding planner and a venue coordinator.

1. Attention to detail

Wedding Planner: A wedding on an average takes about 8 months to a year of planning. A wedding planner is with you right from the time you start preparing for your wedding. In fact, they are the ones that help you source out the perfect venue for your wedding as per your budget and other requirements. They are with you to assist you and support you on everything you need for your wedding focusing on the smallest to the biggest requirements.

Venue Coordinator: While a venue coordinator will be focusing only on your requirements pertaining to the venue and the services the venue offers.

They will not help you with other services like Invitation cards, wedding favors, Customization, wedding stationeries etc.

2. Follow up/Communication

Wedding Planner: They are the ones working closely with you on your wedding and are in touch with you on a constant basis throughout the planning process. They are your single point of contact even for every vendor they source out for you.

Venue coordinator: Communicating with the venue coordinator is usually difficult as they manage many weddings and other events day in day out.

Sometimes, the follow-up process can be frustrating when you are unable to get through them. This becomes a tedious task in cases of destination weddings. Also, even if they suggest any vendors for you, you will have to communicate with all the vendors on your own. They do not coordinate with any other vendors on your behalf.

3. Vendor Sourcing & coordination

Wedding Planner: Each wedding on an average has 15 to 20 vendors. The number only increases depending on the scale of your wedding. To make a wedding successful it’s important to have the right vendors in the right budget. A wedding planner assists you with sourcing out all the vendors that fall under a wedding. Be it a Performer, photographers, makeup artists, florists etc and not to mention keeps your budget in mind. They not only source out these vendors for you but also are in constant touch with them keeping them updated about any changes or requirements. The wedding planning team are present on the day to coordinate with all the vendors to ensure a smooth process.

Venue Coordinator: A venue coordinator, on the other hand, has a very limited role to play in sourcing out other vendors to you. The few vendors they might suggest, they will neither coordinate with them through out the planning process nor will they do it on the day.

4. Commitment

Wedding Planner: They are focused and committed only to your wedding. The entire team will be with you right from the time you check in to check out and will coordinate, manage and execute everything as per the plan.

Venue coordinator: While the venue coordinator may be responsible for more than one wedding at a time. And they will not be aware of many details about your wedding that you may have planned on your own.

5. End to End Planning

Wedding planner: A wedding planner will be with you right from the time you start planning your wedding until the day of your wedding. They will help you with planning every aspect of your wedding and will give their inputs to make it a unique and memorable experience for your guests.

Venue Coordinator: They will only take care of a few aspects of the wedding, mainly the venue requirements and food and beverages. They do not bring any value added inputs to your wedding. Their scope of involvement is limited to just on the day coordination or just a few meetings before the wedding.

6. Responsibility:

Wedding Planner: They are responsible for every little aspect of your wedding as they are planning your complete wedding right from the beginning with you. They will also take care of, if any on the day crisis arises and also will help you coordinate with vendors that you may have sourced out. Basically, they will take complete responsibility to make it a stress free wedding for you and your family.

Venue coordinators: Venue coordinators will take responsibility only for the venue services and food and beverages if they are providing it. They will not take responsibility for any other requirements or vendors.

7. Wedding In charge

Wedding planner: You will be coordinating with one or two coordinators from the wedding planners throughout the planning process of your wedding. And they will be the head in charge of your wedding knowing all minute details about it. You will be having the same head in charge on the day of your wedding too. This gives you assurance and trust that your wedding will be handled as planned.

Venue Coordinator: Don’t be surprised if you do not find the same head in charge, you have been coordinating, not present on your wedding day. They may be coordinating some other wedding. And a totally new face may be representing them.


Hope, this must have given you a good idea on what you can expect from a venue coordinator and a wedding planner.



Always wondered how does a Big fat Indian wedding look like? Let us take you inside one! We planned, designed managed and executed this Destination wedding in Udaipur. With just three months of planning and 2 recces of the property, we were ready to rock this 3-day destination wedding in Udaipur. 5 functions, 5 different venues and 5 different themes… Let’s begin with our journey on this gorgeous Royal wedding in Udaipur!

Check out our Destination Wedding in Udaipur

Moroccan Mehendi

We chose a rooftop venue with a stunning mountain view for this evening Mehendi function. Bonfires , heaters, Moroccan set up and live music it all just looked and felt dreamy and romantic. A perfect ambience to kick-start the royal wedding. Check our beautiful Moroccan set up that made this experience extraordinary!


Next day started with the vibrant and fun-filled Rajwadi Haldi. We chose bright and radiant neon colours along with Indian handicrafts to decorate the open amphitheatre style venue overlooking the mountains. The idea was to give our guests the true flavour of Rajasthan. Bullock cart photo booth, pinwheels, puppet show, live bangle making were few of the many activities that kept our guests entertained at all times. We also had popular Rajasthani ghumar dancers perform for our guests to showcase the beautiful and rich Rajasthani culture. It’s an internationally recognized dance form.

As our entire haldi set up was so colourful and traditional, we chose to keep our gorgeous couple’s entry too that matches our entire theme. Our couple entered a traditional Rickshaw and were welcomed with color bombs by their loved ones. To add to the fun we had our super talented host put up a fun-filled show for our guests. Here are some pictures of our colourful haldi.

Glitz and Glam- Sangeet Sandhya

In the evening we were entertaining our guests with the most awaited event of this Destination wedding in Udaipur. We called it Glitz and Glam night. We had a color theme of Red Black and Gold, designed and decorated the entire ballroom with lights, feathers, candles and pearls.  Huge feather table pieces, movie star pictures and candles and flowers installations gave it a royal and grandeur feel to the party. We were glad it all turned out exactly the way we had envisioned this sangeet sandhya. Our star couple of the evening entered in a royal chariot with fairies dancing around them. We had celebrity performer Rodney and his band perform for our guests. Rodney, a complete entertainer, made sure each and every guest at the party were up on their feet. Post the scintillating performance of Rodney we had the famous and glamourous Dj Paroma who made our guests dance on her tunes till wee hours. It was truly a night where all the stars came down to planet earth.

Hawaiian Pool Party

Having a pool party at a destination wedding is always a great idea.

We decided to go with a blue and white color theme for the pool party. Guests were welcomed with fancy glasses and masks. Other activities like kids play area, Rain dance area, foot massage. Three photo booth corners were arranged for guests who don’t want to take a dip in the pool. While the guests were enjoying the fun activities arranged for them, our host made sure they made most of the party. Dj Paroma made sure they all danced their hearts out to her tunes.

The D DAY- Royal Wedding

The Wedding had to be the best of all and we were the most excited about this. Right from Baraat procession to Varmaala ceremony and the wedding itself, it all represented the word Royal in its best form. Let us give you some details about how we planned and executed this extravagant Royal destination wedding in Udaipur.

We had arranged for a 21 member baraat band and 11 dhol walas along with dancers to entertain our guests along their way to the varmala ceremony. We had other 21 member troupe walking along the baraat with crystal chandeliers in their hands, giving it a regal look and feel. Our groom looked nothing less than a prince himself, riding his way to the varmala ceremony venue in a vintage car.

While our groom and bride exchanged garlands the guests experienced a magnificent 10 minutes cold fire show to celebrate the union of two hearts.

The wedding took place on a sprawling lush green lawn. We zeroed on a huge crystal mandap with many chandeliers fitted to give it a regal look. As it was a night wedding, the crystal and the chandelier combined to light up the entire venue with its glorious look. We complimented the mandap along with a grand pathway. We had huge fresh floral stands, candles and crystal installations throughout the pathway to the mandap. Our gorgeous couple made their individual entries in the most glorious and royal way. While our couple exchanged vows under the moon and the stars, the guests enjoyed the Rajasthani music being performed by the most popular live band of Rajasthan. It was an experience the guests will remember for a lifetime.

Have a look at the magic created at this destination wedding in Udaipur.


wedding in udaipur

wedding in udaipur

wedding in udaipur

wedding in udaipur

wedding in udaipur

If you are looking at having a memorable destination in Udaipur, you know you whom to contact.